The aim of this blog is to inform on how to correctly do calculations related to research in photobiology. The focus is mainly on the use of R and R packages. Submissions of posts for publication here and of links to posts and sites on subjects within this aim are warmly welcome. Much of what I write is related to  R packages I maintain and develop for photobiology related calculations .

I also post from time to time tips on using R for reproducible research and other bits of information related to data analysis and programming with R, including occasional informal reviews of books on R that I have read and R packages that I use.

The source code of the packages I maintain is available from my account at Bitbucket. Some of these packages are available from CRAN, but packages not yet released are available from my CRAN-style repository at http://www.mv.helsinki.fi/aphalo/R/ . You can report bugs or request new functionality or other improvements at Bitbucket in the Issues tab of each repository (you will need to login, for example with your Google account) . You can also send me a message through the About page of this blog.