rOmniDriver 0.1.14

This update includes several rather minor changes compared to ‘rOmniDriver’ 0.1.13:

  • Add set_USB_timeout() and is_USB_timeout().
  • Edit set_timeout() and is_timeout() as ‘OmniDriver’ does not always/any longer provide the Java methods setTimeout and isTimeout.
  • Add function is_api_enabled().
  • Add check for success of API initialization to function init_api().
  • Add preliminary (untested) support for I2C and SPI bus.
  • Move repository from BitBucket to GitHub.
  • Test with USB2000 (under Windows 10, FX/2 firmware updated to 2.51.0).
  • Test good with OmniDriver 2.56.
  • Update README to better explain all the steps needed to install this package as well as OmniDriver.
  • Update documentation to reflect that the company Ocean Optics has been renamed Ocean Insight.

‘rOmniDriver’ 0.1.13 included minor changes compared to ‘rOmniDriver’ 0.1.12:

  • Add brief installation instructions to README.
  • Fix bug affecting OS X and Linux.
  • Improve on-load diagnosis and messages.
  • Test good with OmniDriver 2.46.

The latest version source is kept in a Git repository at GitHub:

The latest released version is available at the CRAN-like repository at and a documentation web site is available at

Please, report bugs and suggest enhancements at

Pull requests and reports of tests with various models of spectrometers from Ocean Insight are very welcome.


This update is an attempt to fix a bug preventing the package from loading under OS X and Linux. Not yet tested, as there seem to be additional problems under OS X at least. The remaining problem seems to be related to some component of OmniDriver being incompatible with OS X.

This is an interim patch which will be replaced in due time with a version tested under multiple OSs rather than only under Windows 10.

This package can be downloaded from the repository at this site, not from CRAN. It has system prerequisites described in the online documentation at

Please raise issues concerning bugs or enhancements to this package through Bitbucket at


Packages available

rOmniDriver 0.1.6

This package allows the control of all Ocean Optics spectrometers and the acquisition of spectral data directly from within R code. The current version implements only a subset of the functions available in OmniDriver. Adding other functions should be almost trivial, but not all of them can be tested with the spectrometers we have access to.

It is fully functional  with the installation of the free run-time provided by Ocean Optics, but it is not supported in any way by Ocean Optics, without purchase of a licence. We thank Ocean Optics’ for helping in the development of this package. (The run-time can be installed from the same file as a full installation, but without the need to enter a password.)

MayaCalc 3.2.2

This package implements functions for acquisition of spectral data, application of special correction and calibration algorithms using a Maya2000Pro spectrometer from Ocean Optics. It also implements different radiation measurement protocols. Functions are also provided for estimating calibration constants from measurements of calibration lamps. The algorithms allow in most cases a gain of one order of magnitude in signal to noise ratio, allowing acceptably good measurements of solar ultraviolet radiation with this single-monochromator array instrument. The code is based on algorithms developed by Lasse Ylianttila at the Radiation Safety Authority Finland.

This package can be used as is only with our own Ocean Optics spectrometer unit, a Maya2000Pro. It is made publicly available as an example that could be adapted to other spectrometers. In addition, by making it publicly available, we contribute to making our own research reproducible.

A bugfix update will be released as soon as we have access to the spectrometer for testing it. The bug affects only measurements done under extremely low irradiance levels.

NOTE: Sources, and Windows binaries for R 3.2.x, are now available in the repository.