Material for Pécs training event



My talk will focus on the use of R packages ‘photobiology’, ‘photobiologyWavebands’, ‘photobiologyInOut’, and ‘ggspectra’. They are already available or will be available through CRAN. The suite of packages, includes packages not yet available from CRAN, but available directly through the r4photobiology repository. To install these additional packages you need to add this repository to those searched, as described in the installation instructions.

To get an idea of the design and approach used in the packages, start by reading my article in the UV4Plants Bulletin 2015:1, page 19. You can download the PDF of the whole issue at

If you have never used R before, please, get familiar with the language

If you have never used R before, you should read at least the first two chapters of a book I am currently writing titled Learn R …as you learnt your mother tongue, or some other general introduction to R that does not emphasise statistics as for my presentation you will mainly need to have an idea of the basic constructs of the R language.

My Learn R book from  Leanpub.

Book cover

An excellent book following a more traditional approach is R Programming for Data Science, which in spite of the “Data Science” in the title is suitable for anybody starting with R.

Roger Peng’s book from Leanpub.

Book cover

In addition, there are quite many other resources for learning R, from on-line courses to books and blogs.

Cheatsheets can help a lot

At the RStudio web site you will also find cheatsheets for Base R, Advanced R, the RStudio IDE Cheat Sheet and the Data Visualization Cheat Sheet for package ‘ggplot2’ on top of which package ‘ggspectra’ is built, as well as cheatsheets for some other packages.

If you have never used my packages, get an idea of how they work

Read the vignettes of my packages, starting with the User Guide of package ‘photobiology’.

Make sure to also have a look at the User Guide of package ‘ggspectra’.

Each package has a web page in the CRAN repository, and it is easy to work-out its url for example for ‘ggspectra’ the URL is and by just replacing ggspectra by the mane of any other package available through CRAN you can find its web page.

I recommend that you use RStudio as editor and the current R release

I used the latest version of R, 3.3.0, for the examples that shown in my talk. Do also keep RStudio up-to-date.

RStudio desktop can be downloaded from RStudio’s web site. First install R, if not already installed, and only afterwards install RStudio.

The slides from my presentation

Slides (PDF 2MB) of my presentation about the packages for photobiology from the UV4Plants training school in Pécs, Hungary, from 2016-06-01.