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As part of moving the site to Quarto I intend to write a single post to give an overview of changes in minor versions of the packages. In this case, all versions in the 0.11.x series. I will update this same post in the case of minor version updates, and start a new post when I release the first version in the 0.12.x series. I hope this will reduce the clutter and still provide a good overview of progress. Differences between versions are listed in detail in the NEWS file.

Overview of changes

Version 0.11.0 makes operations on objects containing multiple spectra in long form in most cases equivalent to operations on collections of spectra. This allows the use of simpler code and improves consistency of handling among the different supported ways of storing spectral data.

Version 0.11.1 supports additional operations on objects containing multiple spectra in long, in particular the handling of metadata attributes. It also avoids unnecessary multiple copies of metadata attributes. The execution speed of irradiance computations on objects containing multiple spectra in long form has been improved. Add example data sets. Fix bugs, mostly boundary-case and minor. Minor changes to data sets could potentially affect backwards compatibility, but this is unlikely.