Theoretical probability distributions

Interactive applications using R package Shiny


Pedro J. Aphalo





Shiny Apps or dashboards for interactive explorartion on the dependence of the t and F distributions on the degrees of freedom.

IPS003, design of experiments

Three Apps or dashboards created with R package Shiny. It takes a few moments to activate the Apps in the server as they are stopped after 10 min without user interaction.

At the moment I have a free account of the hosting service. If the free quota is used up and the Apps stop working, please contact me, and I will buy additional computing time.

1 t-distribution compared to the Normal distribution

As the number of degrees of freedom increases the t distribution approaches the Normal distribution.

The observed t-value is calculated as \({\bar x} / s_{\bar x}\), or more generaly the estimate of the value of a parameter divided by its standard deviation.

t-distribution App

2 F-distribution

The observed F-value is the ratio between two estimates of variance \(s^2_1 / s^2_2\). If the variance as numerator is larger than the denominator \(F > 1\). The degrees of freedom of the two variances determine the shape of the distribution.

F-distribution App

If we know the observed F-value, and degrees of freedom we can look up the P-value from the theoretical distribution.

F-distribution P-value look-up App