Talking plants

This layman’s introduction to plant-plant communication in Quanta on-line magazine is interesting both in relation to the phenomena studied and how science works. Nowadays that plants communicate with each other is widely accepted, but several types of communication are still controversial and not all available evidence is as strong as one would wish. Consequently, it is a very exciting field and time to do research about plant-plant interactions, including communication!

Why did I change the theme?

It happens that some themes are free at, and those are the ones I want to use. However, even for these themes the customizations that one can do without paying are minimal. Consequently, what at first looked like a good option, and would have been good if I could have changed a few things, could not work/look as I wanted without having to pay. If the package becomes popular, I may move the site to its own server in the cloud.

Update: photobiology 0.3.12

Package photobiology is now at version 0.3.12, which has only a very small fix compared to version 0.3.11 that was in the repository for only a few hours. The main change from version 0.3.10 is the addition of three functions: wb2spct(), wb2tagged_spct() and wb2rect_spct(), which useful for annotating plots. The vignette was also updated with a very brief explanation of their use. Contrary to the last three updates, this time I have created and uploaded to the repository binaries for both R 3.0.x and R 3.1.x. I have also uploaded R 3.0.x binaries for all other packages that were out-of-date.

I will continue building binaries for R 3.0.x until R 3.2.0 is released. However, I do the development and testing under 3.1.1 and will start testing under the pre-release R 3.2.x. A quick check seems to indicate that R 3.0.3 does not trigger any problems.