All the photobiology packages updated

For some of the packages the updates are minor, just cosmetic changes to documentation. However, I have made some important changes to the “photobiology” package, and this has required me to also make changes to some packages that depend on it. The values returned by previously existing commands should remain unchanged, except for “photobiologySensors” where one previously incomplete data set has been replaced.

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Thesis topic: Light dependent stomatal osmoregulation

We have a thesis topic available as part of our Academy of Finland project on the acclimation of stomatal opening responses to light. It is suitable for a M.Sc. thesis (Gradu) in Plant Biology with both ecological and physiological emphasis. The student’s work would be supervised by Pedro J. Aphalo, Kurt Fagerstedt, and Fang Wang. Thesis could be written either in English, Finnish, or even Swedish.

More details at:

Please, feel free to contact us for additional details.