Four packages updated (minor)


photobiologyAll (version 0.1.1) no longer depends on photobiologygg.

photobiologyUV (version 0.2.7) fixed bug introduced in version 0.2.6 that could affect the calculation of UVC and UVB irradiance when both were used and caching was enabled.

photobiologyFilters (version 0.1.6) added data for two Schott filters

MayaCalc (version 3.0.10) fixed bug that could cause a warning but had no effect on calculations. In addition the text of the comment attribute of the returned data table was modified to include additional information.

Windows binaries for R 3.0.x and 3.1.x, and source packages are available from the repo.

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New package photobiologyAll

The new package photobiologyAll loads and imports all packages in the photobiology suite. Does not add any new functionality but adds convenience at the cost of increased memory use and loading time. Added on 25.04.2014: I have decided to remove package photobiologygg from those packages loaded and imported by photobiologyAll, because it in turn imports ggplot2 which may not be needed and is quite large. I will most probably change the name of package photobiologygg as it can be useful also in other contexts.Continue reading

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