List of packages with their status

The badges displayed below in order from left to right inform of: most recent version available in CRAN and its date, downloads per week from CRAN, downloads since first availability through CRAN, worst result from CRAN checks on different R versions under different operating systems, and number of open issues at each Git repository. All badges are linked to pages with further information.

CRAN checks are run regularly and may fail after a package is accepted in CRAN as a result of changes to other packages or R itself. NOTEs can generally be ignored in-between package releases, while WARNings, and ERRORs I attempt correct as soon as I notice them.

Issues at a Git repository can be raised by the developer as a TO DO list or by any user to report problems or suggest enhancements. The urgency with which issues need to be dealt with varies and consequently that there are open issues pending of resolution is normal in practice. The ‘issues’ badge is linked to the issues page at each Git repository through which it is possible to create new issues. All the packages are open-source and released under GPL.

Extensions to ‘ggplot2’ (2 packages)

‘ggpmisc’ (Miscellaneous extensions to ‘ggplot2’)

‘gginnards’ (Explore the innards of ‘ggplot2’)

The R for Photobiology Suite (11 packages)






‘photobiologyFilters’ (data only)

‘photobiologyLamps’ (data only)

‘photobiologyLEDs’ (data only)

‘photobiologySun’ (data only)

‘photobiologySensors’ (data only)

Data acquisition with Ocean Optics spectrometers (2 packages)

‘rOmniDriver’ (low level interface)

‘ooacquire’ (high level interface)

Complement to book (1 package)

‘learnrbook’ (Datasets and code examples from the book Learn R: As a Language, The R Series, CRC Press, New York, 2020)

Badges served by METACRAN, img shields, and CRAN checks” which is part of ROpenSci.

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