To start with you will obviously need to install R (at CRAN) or RRO, and preferably a GUI like RStudio.

Currently five of the r4photobiology packages are available through the CRAN public repositories, and are listed by default by R. However, a few of the packages are still only available from a repository at this site while they are still under active development. The packages not yet in CRAN are ‘photobiologyFilters’, ‘photobiologyReflectors’, ‘photobiologyLamps’, ‘photobiologySensors’, and ‘photobiologySun’. All these packages are data-only packages.

The easiest way of installing the r4photobiology packages is by adding our CRAN-like repository to the list of repositories R is aware of. Instructions are given in r4photobiology repository page. It is also possible to install one or more of our packages manually as described in the the Manual installation page. Finally it is also possible to install the current development versions from Bitbucket either by using package devtools or by cloning one of the repositories.

I also provide some instructions on how to install the RStudio server (free version) in an EC2 instance in AWS (Amazon Web Services) in page Installing RStudio server page. The instructions are for Ubuntu virtual cloud servers, and should be usable with only minor changes on a non-virtual local Ubuntu server.

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