The program grepWin is a handy tool for Windows users without access to a command line grep, or those who prefer a dialogue-based interface.

This is handy for example when one needs to search and replace a string consistently across several text files like R scripts.

Understanding statistics

Visualizations, specially dynamic ones can help in the understanding of statistical concepts. You can find some wonderful examples at a web site called R <- psychologist.

Do you understand hypothesis testing? and the controversy behind it?
Understanding Statistical Power and Significance Testing

Do you understand confidence intervals (CI)?
Interpreting Confidence Intervals

When you see a scatter plot are you able to guess a value for the correlation?
Interpreting Correlations

Have fun! and get some new insights about statistical tests.

PDF files from my recent talks

Some of you have missed my talks on statistics because of other meetings and a retreat. If you would like to have a look at the presentations, they are now available on.line, together with another couple of talks on LEDs and research on plants’ responses to UV radiation that I gave recently at a conference and at a seminar. You can access them from the SenPEP’s website in the NEWS section.

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