photobiology 0.8.8 (new functionality and bug fixes)

This is a release candidate, please do tell me of any missing features or things that are not working as expected! (After the release of version 1.0.0, I will only fix bugs, and possibly get rid of any important performance bottlenecks. I will mainly use my “programming time” on the other packages of the suite.)

For this version I did intensive testing of all recently added functions and methods. Most of the functions added in version 0.8.8 are there to fulfill expectations of completeness of the functionality even in cases where I do not know of any uses. The changes are listed below.

Add function trim_mspct().
Implement normalize(), fscale(), peaks(), valleys(), tag() and untag() methods for generic_mspct and derived classes.
Implement dim<- for generic_mspct and derived classes.
Implement sign(), round(), signif(), floor(), ceiling() methods for generic_mspct and derived classes.
Implement log2(), cos(), sin(), tan(), acos(), asin(), acos(), cospi(), sinpi() and tanpi() methods for generic_mspct and derived classes.

Fix bugs in msmsply() and mslply().

Make internal changes needed for an update to photobiologyInOut.
Add option "photobiolgy.strict.range" to allow changing the default behaviour for out-of-range values. (Used internally to avoid redundant checks and repeated warning messages.)

Update package Title in docs.
Update User Guide, tables and their formatting.

photobiologyInOut 0.3.3

Add "use.hinges" argument to functions, and default to not adding hinges when trimming the input read from files.

NOTE: Sources, and Windows binaries for R 3.2.x, are now available in the repository.