photobiology 0.5.10

This is a bug fix. Wrote test cases for operators and math functions which resulted in me finding several minor bugs which rendered some conbinations of operands non-functional.

Backwards compatible.

NOTE: Sources, and Windows binaries for R 3.1.x, are now available in the repository.

photobiology 0.5.9 (not released but changes included in 0.5.10)

Fixed a major bug in binary operators code for non-transitive operations, triggered
when the first operand is numeric.

Added missing features (bug fix?)

Updated operators’ code so that unary ‘-‘ and unary ‘+’ now work for spectra.

Rewrote the code for math functions, removing redundancy, and adding support for
chroma.spct objects.

Edited the constructors of spct objects so that they recognize additional variable names
for the input data, and rename them.

Updated documentation:

Added a table to the User Guide summarizing the valid and invalid binary operations, and
a second table listing unary operators and math functions.

Added warning messages informing of forbidden operations between dissimilar spectral objects and between spectral objects and wavebands are attempted.

Backwards compatible.