R for photobiology repository

A CRAN-like repository

Pedro J. Aphalo


What is stored here?

Binary and source versions of R packages ‘rOmniDriver’ and ‘ooacquire’ as well as some old R packages of my authorship are stored here. The remaining packages are available through CRAN. Sources for all my R packages are also available in Git repositories at (https://github.com/aphalo?tab=repositories).


Installation in principle differs from instalaltion from CRAN only in the need to add this repository to those known to R. In practice things are not as simple because the Ocean Optics/Ocean Insight OmniDriver runtime and Java need to be first installed. Consequently, please read before attempting to install ‘rOmniDriver’ or ‘ooacquire’ their README files where you will find up-to-date installation instructions at (https://docs.r4photobiology.info/rOmniDriver/) and (https://docs.r4photobiology.info/ooacquire/).

The following code run at the command prompt (in an interactive session) makes this repository known to your R installation for the current session.

# set repositories
  graphics = FALSE,
  addURLs = c(r4photobiology = "https://r.r4photobiology.info")