BTV 2ed Plan

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A preliminary plan for the 2nd edition of the Beyond the Visible handbook.


book plan

1 Practicalities

  • Use Quarto in RStudio, so that we can create both a book and a web site and release drafts and chapters as a web site as we make progress.

  • Quarto is easy to use for authors and the same manuscript can be used to produce output in different formats, quite easily.

  • This means we could publish drafts as we make progress to keep authors and uv4plants members engaged.

  • I have been using Quarto for several months. I transferred my two websites and I have been very happy with how it works. Using R for Photobiology and Photo Rumblings and Whispers.

2 Title

  • Methods in Plant Photobiology: From Principles to Practice (?)

3 Scope

  • Wavelength scope: 280–900,nm (expand to include VIS and FR).
  • Exclude methods used at the lab bench (as before).
  • Should we include gas-exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence??? (in my opinion, not gas-exchange; fluorescence possibly).

4 Editors

  • Pedro A.
  • Wolgang Bilger (?)
  • Eva Rosenqvist (?)
  • Marcel (???)

5 Publisher

  • Self
  • CRC/Taylor & Francis
  • other?

6 Chapters for 2nd edition

  1. Radiation and optics (Previously: Introduction)

    • Make text more accessible to those not-mathematically minded. (Pedro + LOB + Andreas Albert (?) + Ylianttila (?))
    • Update colour definitions to follow ISO/CIE. (Pedro)
    • Discuss reflectance vs. angle of incidence. (Pedro + LOB)
    • Discuss the mechanisms behind fluorescence and luminiscence. (Pedro + LOB)
    • Do we need a brief introduction to light sensing by plants?
    • Move discussion of radiation in the environment to new chapter 2.
  2. The UV and VIS environment of plants (New chapter)

    • Emphasize more the climatology of UV and VIS. Including up-to-date maps. (Daniele Griffoni + Anders Lindfords)
    • Latitudinal and diurnal variation in VIS spectrum, including R:FR.
    • Discuss in depth waveband ratios in nature (Pedro + Matt?).
    • Discuss light distribution and sunflecks in canopies (Maxime Durand)
    • Update and expand text on light in aquatic environments. (Pirjo Huovinen + Ivan Gómez?)
  3. Manipulating UV and VIS radiation (Previosuly: Manipulating UV radiation)

    • Update safety considerations to address current regulations and recomendations.
    • Expand material on LEDs, including approaches to dimming and pulse generation. (Pedro)
    • Discuss diffuse vs. direct light from artificial sources. (Pedro)
    • Is an update on films and filters needed?
    • Greenhouse screens (based on spectral data from Matthew Robson and Titta Kotilainen)
  4. Quantifying UV and VIS radiation (Previously: Quantifying UV radiation)

    • Update information on input optics. (Pedro)
    • Update equipment examples to those currently available. (Pedro)
    • Simulation of the solar spectrum (Anders Lindfors)
  5. Measurement of optical properties of leaves and materials] New chapter.

    • Epidermal transmittance, etc. (Wolfgang Bilger)
    • Reflectance and transmittance of whole leaves (?)
    • Filters, etc., (Pedro)
    • Fluorescence.
    • Optical measurement of chloroplast accumulation (Justyna (?) + Pawel (?))
  6. UV, VIS and IR photography, and spectral imaging (New chapter)

    • Cameras and lenses (Pedro)
    • UV induced VIS and NIR fluorescence and VIS induced NIR fluorescence (Pedro + Ylianttila (?))
    • Image editing (Pedro + Eva Rosenqvist?)
  7. Plant cultivation (Previously: Plant cultivation)

    • LED spectra for plant cultivation (Eva Rosenqvist + Pedro)
    • Cultivation of aquatic plants (Pirjo huovinen)
    • Cultivation of terrestrial plants (?)
    • DLI dialy light integral (Titta Kotilainen (?))
    • Mineral nutrition
    • Water supply
  8. Design and planning of photobiological experiments (Previously: Design of photobiological experiments)

    • Statistical design (Pedro, not much to do.)
    • Data analysis
    • Functional ANOVA of spectra and related methods (Pedro?, Titta?)
    • Sampling procedures for laboratory analyses (Pedro?, Neha?, Luis?)
    • ??
  9. Imaging in UV, VIS and IR] Possible new chapter.

7 Material that could be edited and re-used

From the Bulletin: Reproducibility of UV-research with plants, Absorbance, absorptance and friends, Extraterrestrial and ground-level solar spectra, Measuring solar UV-B: why is it so difficult?, Neutral density filters: theory vs. reality, Practical hints and tips, Using LEDs: drivers and dimming, Exploring temporal and latitudinal variation in the solar spectrum at ground level with the TUV model, SIOX plugin in ImageJ: area measurement made easy.

From my web site on photography: Pages on Equipment and Techniques

From my research-group blog: The Earth is not flat. Are plants and plant canopies flat?, Brighter times for our growth chambers, Visible and UV-A radiation in greenhouses, Talk about LEDs in phytotrons.