photobiology 0.10.10

This update concerns mainly methods normalize() and fscale() and the use of attributes to keep a history of these transformations. Some of the reporting enhancements are not operational for objects normalized and re-scaled with previous versions of this package, while all earlier features remain available.

Changes from version 0.10.9 the most recent CRAN release, are:

  • Update normalize() methods to support updating an already present normalization (norm = "update") and skipping the normalization altogether (norm = "skip").
  • Update normalize() methods to store range in the attribute, and getNormalized() to return it.
  • Update normalize() methods to better handle normalization of previously normalized spectra, and add flexibility to the normalization of previously scaled spectra.
  • Add getScaling() and fix minor inconsistency in value returned by getScaled().
  • Fix bug in getNormalization() (wrong named member in returned value from spectra with no normalization data).
  • Fix bug resulting in "normalization" attribute not being copied.
  • Fix bug resulting in not all relevant attributes being copied to the value returned by summary.generic_spct().
  • Improve printing of metadata for normalization and rescaling.
  • Fix bug in shared_member_class() (wrong value returned for empty  collections).
  • Update smooth_spct() to handle bad arguments passed to method without crashing and add support for skipping smoothing (method = "skip").

The package documentation web site is at includes a changelog with information for each release since version 0.1.0.

NOTE: Version 0.10.10 is on its way to CRAN.

Please raise issues concerning bugs or enhancements to this package through GitHub at

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