ooacquire 0.2.3

Main changes since version 0.2.2 are:

  • Implement support for on-the-fly retrieval of instrument descriptor and calibration data from EEPROM when calibration is not available as R objects: update acq_irrad_interactive() and the functions it uses to retrieve and save calibration data.  (Similar updates are pending for the other data acquisition functions).
  • Update calibration data for MAYP11278 and MAYP112785.
  • Test with old USB2000 spectrometer.

Full change history is available at: https://docs.r4photobiology.info/ooacquire/news/index.html

NOTE: This package is NOT available through CRAN.

This package is available through the r4photobiology repository  and through GitHub.


Note: this version needs the recently released ‘rOmniDriver’ version 0.1.14 or later, so if this package is already installed it may need to be updated before updating or installing ‘ooacquire’ 0.2.3.

  1. From the binary or source packages of the released version from the CRAN-compatible repository at http://r.r4photobiology.info/.
  2. From sources of the under development version retrieved from the Git repository at GitHub.


Please raise issues concerning bugs or enhancements to this package through GitHub at https://github.com/aphalo/ooacquire/issues