ggpmisc 0.3.8

[27 January] ‘ggpmisc’ 0.3.8-1 is on its way to CRAN. The only change is correcting a mistake in a vignette. This was caused by the code-breaking change now highlighted below.

Package ‘ggpmisc’ focuses mainly on plot annotations. The new version adds fixes bugs and adds some minor feature. There are more significant changes to the documentation.

The package documentation web site at: now includes a changelog, so I am brief here.

Changes from version 0.3.7 the most recent CRAN release, are:

  • Move of the Git repository from Bitbucket to GitHub.
  • Revise stat_fit_glance(), stat_fit_augment(), stat_fit_tidy() and stat_fit_tb() to add support for additional methods and make it possible to pass additional arguments. This is a code-breaking change in that packages ‘broom’ and/or ‘broom.mixed’ need to be loaded explicitly with library().
  • Fix bugs related to handling of Date values.

Acknowlegement: This update was done in part to address questions raised at stackoverflow. The tag [ggpmisc] is in use at stackoverflow for questions related to this package.

Documentation web site at includes all help pages, with output from all examples, and vignettes in HTML format.

NOTE: The new version of the package is on its way to CRAN.

Please raise issues concerning bugs or enhancements to this package through GitHub