photobiology 0.9.30

Changes from version 0.9.29 the most recent CRAN release, are:

  • Add function compare_spct() for comparisons between pairs of spectra based on summaries computed over multiple ranges of wavelengths.
  • Add utility method uncollect() for extracting all members of a collection of spectra.
  • Add utility method thin_wl() for reducing the storage size of _spct objects by removing data points in regions with only minor features.
  • Add when_measured() and when_measured<-(), where_measured() and where_measured<-(), what_measured() and what_measured<-(), how_measured() and how_measured<-() as an alternative syntax consistent with base R for setting and querying the attributes when.measured, where.measured, how.measured and what.measured used to store metadata in spectral objects and collections.
  • Add spelling synonyms for all normalization-related methods and functions like normalise() and normalise().
  • Add specialization for collections of spectra and spelling synonyms for normalized_difference_ind().
  • Slightly changed printout: Revise summary.generic_spct() to store the name of the summarized spectrum object and revise print.summary_generic_spct() to display the name of the summarized object.
  • Possibly code breaking: Revise fscale() so that by default it sets the scaled attribute only when the target value for re-scaling is equal to one.
  • Fix bug in get_attributes() methods.
  • Add parameter address to setWhereMeasured(), revise print() methods for spectra to display address when available.
  • Revise getWhereMeasured() to consistently return a data.frame, even when a geocode is missing.
  • Add function na_geocode(), a constructor for a valid geocode data frame with all fields set to NA of correct modes.
  • Revise all logic used for geocodes for consistency in returned and set values.

Some of the intermediate development versions, never submitted to CRAN, did break some code in package ‘ooacquire’. This version of ‘photobiology’ is fully compatible with the current version of ‘ooacquire’.

Documentation web site at includes all help pages, with output from all examples, and vignettes in HTML format.

NOTE: The updated package is in CRAN.

Please raise issues concerning bugs or enhancements to this package through Bitbucket

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