This update includes a fix for a bug affecting autoplot() methods in the case of plotting multiple spectra in the same plot. It also includes improvements to the easy of use through the addition new or enhancements to existing convenience methods and functions. The required version of ‘photobiology’ is now 0.9.28 or higher.

The changes from version 0.3.2, the current CRAN release, are:

  • Make autotitle() the recommended method and deprecate the use of ggtitle_spct(), which remains available for backwards compatibility.
  • Enhance autotitle() to optionally set the caption in addition to title and subtitle of a plot.
  • Add support for setting of the plot caption controlled with the annotations argument of autoplot() methods.
  • Add convenience functions to make easier to modify default arguments used by autoplot() methods through R options: set_annotations_default() and set_w.band_default().
  • Add support for simultaneously adding and removing annotations from the current default by accepting lists of character vectors in addition to character vectors as argument for parameter annotations in autoplot() methods.
  • Add support in multiplot() function for adding a title to the composite figure.
  • Track changes in ‘photobiology’ (>= 0.9.28) adding support for using the "how.measured" attribute in plot titles, subtitles and captions.
  • Use a compute panel function instead of a compute group function in stat_wb_label(), stat_wb_box() and stat_wl_strip(), solving a bug affecting autoplot() methods when called with multiple spectra.

The justification for renaming the ggtitle_spct() function to autotitle() is that the new name is consistent with autoplot() and autolayer() in taking an R object of a specific class as first argument and automatically extracting the information from it.

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NOTE: The updated package is on its way to CRAN.

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