photobiologyInOut 0.4.17-1

The main changes from version 0.4.16 the previous CRAN release, are:

  • Add new function read_oo_jazpc() to read transmittance (%) and reflectance (%) from processed data output by Ocean Optics’ Jaz modular spectrometer.
  • Fix bug that made CRAN tests to fail under “oldrel” : decoding of dates in fmi and TUV import functions not always returned POSIXct objects under R (=3.4.4) triggering errors in downstream code. (Possible underlying problem: class of returned values from some functions from package ‘lubridate’ seems to depend on the R version.)

Documentation web site at

NOTE: This version of the package is in CRAN.

Please raise issues concerning bugs or enhancements to this package through Bitbucket at


  1. Pedro J. Aphalo

    ‘photobiologyInOut’ version 0.4.17 and earlier are not compatible with package ‘readr’ version >= 1.2.0. A code breaking change in ‘readr’ required a small update to ‘photobiologyInOut’ and a new version 0.4.18 will be submitted to CRAN later today.

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