Some interesting new R packages

Some of the packages that appeared in CRAN during June seem interesting. I haven’t tried them yet but have been listed at the R Views blog in Joseph Rickert’s regular column, which I recommend to anyone wanting to keep up to date on new packages.

  • genesysr: Genesys PGR Client. Access data on plant genetic resources from genebanks around the world published on Genesys (<>).
  • rppo: Access the Global Plant Phenology Data Portal. An R interface to the Global Plant Phenology Data Portal, which is accessible online at <>.
  • spectralAnalysis: Pre-Process, Visualize and Analyse Process Analytical Data, by Spectral Data Measurements Made During a Chemical Process. Infrared, near-infrared and Raman spectroscopic data measured during chemical reactions, provide structural fingerprints by which molecules can be identified and quantified.
  • BiocManager: Access the Bioconductor Project Package Repository. A convenient tool to install and update Bioconductor packages.
  • pkgbuild: Find Tools Needed to Build R Packages. Provides functions used to build R packages. Locates compilers needed to build R packages on various platforms and ensures the PATH is configured appropriately so R can use them.
  • ssh: Secure Shell (SSH) Client for R. Connect to a remote server over SSH to transfer files via SCP, setup a secure tunnel, or run a command or script on the host while streaming stdout and stderr directly to the client.
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