gginnards 0.0.1

Package ‘gginnards’ is now in CRAN. This new package contains functions removed from ‘ggpmisc’ at version 0.3.0. The package was split as the audience the different functions are intended for is different: ‘gginnards’ is for those needing tools for programming ‘ggplot2’ extensions or wanting to learn how ggplots work. Most importantly, the functions now in ‘gginnards’ cannot be expected to survive with unchanged functionality across major updates to ‘ggplot2’, and importing them into other packages is strongly discouraged.

In contrast the functions retained in ‘ggpmisc’ and the new ones added in version 0.3.0 are intended for users creating plots for data analyses and reports. I am committed to maintaining ‘ggpmisc’ in the long term while striving to retain backwards compatibility as much as possible.

Documentation web site at includes all help pages, with output from all examples, and vignettes in HTML format.
NOTE: The package is available through CRAN.

Please raise issues concerning bugs or enhancements to this package through Bitbucket