ggpmisc (test release)

Changes from the previous CRAN release 0.2.15 are:

  • Revise stat_fit_tidy() so that it returns p-values for parameter estimates, in addition to estimates and their standard errors.
  • BUG FIX: Revise geom_debug() adding missing argument defaults.
  • Add geom_table(), a geom for adding a layer containing a table passed as a tibble mapped to the label aesthetic.
  • Add stat_fit_tb() a stat that computes a tidy tibble version of the summary or ANOVA table for a model fit to PANEL data. Used together with geom_table() it makes it very easy to add ANOVA and summary tables to ggplots.

Note: ‘ggplot2’ >= (>= commit of 2017-02-09) is required for
geom_table() and stat_fit_tb() to work.

Update documentation.

Documentation website is at

NOTE: This version of the package is NOT available from CRAN

INSTALLATION: (from sources retrieved from the Git repository at Bitbucket)

devtools::install_bitbucket("aphalo/ggpmisc", ref = "")

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