Fix “breaking” bug causing fatal errors after package ‘Rcpp’ was updated, and many non-breaking but important bugs.

Several improvements aiming at continuing the expanding the support to different Ocean Optics spectrometers, and to the documentation.

  •  Fix serious bug that triggered a fatal error with current version of ‘Rcpp’.
  • Add functions choose_sr_interactive() and choose_ch_interactive() and revise acq_irrad_interactive() and acq_fraction_interactive() to make use of them.
  •  Add fields to the instrument descriptor to store the numeric coefficients in addition to functions for non-linearity and wavelength calibrations.
  • Add pre-built calibrations and methods for our Jaz instrument.
  • Update and expand the vignettes and examples.

This version of the package is available through the r4photobiology repository  and through Bitbucket.

Please raise issues concerning bugs or enhancements to this package through Bitbucket at https://bitbucket.org/aphalo/ooacquire/issues

ggpmisc (test release)

Although I have just submitted to CRAN version 0.2.16, the following two enhancements could not be included because they depend on a version of package ‘ggplot2’ not yet submitted to CRAN by its maintainer.

Differences from CRAN release 0.2.16 are:

  • Add geom_table(), a geom for adding a layer containing a table passed as a tibble mapped to the label aesthetic.
  • Add stat_fit_tb() a stat that computes a tidy tibble version of the summary or ANOVA table for a model fit to PANEL data. Used together with geom_table() it makes it very easy to add ANOVA and summary tables to ggplots.

Note: ‘ggplot2’ >= (>= commit of 2017-02-09) is required for geom_table() and stat_fit_tb() to work.

Documentation website is at http://docs.r4photobiology.info/ggpmisc/.

NOTE: This version of the package is NOT available from CRAN

INSTALLATION: (from sources retrieved from the Git repository at Bitbucket)

devtools::install_bitbucket("aphalo/ggpmisc", ref = "")

ggpmisc 0.2.16

Changes from the previous CRAN release 0.2.15 are:

  • Revise stat_fit_tidy() so that it returns p-values for parameter estimates, in addition to estimates and their standard errors.
  • BUG FIX: Revise geom_debug() adding missing argument defaults.
  • Add a set of functions for manipulation of layers in ggplot objects: delete_layers(), append_layers(), move_layers(), shift_layers(), which_layers(), extract_layers(), num_layers(), top_layer() and  bottom_layer().
  • Document the use of these functions in a newly added vignette.

Update documentation.

Documentation website is at http://docs.r4photobiology.info/ggpmisc/.

NOTE: This version of the package has been submitted to CRAN, and will be available within a couple of days’ time.