photobiology 0.9.17

The main changes from version 0.9.16, the previous CRAN release, are:

  •  Add function merge2object_spct() that constructs an object_spct from a filter_spct and a reflector_spct, even if wavelengths differ.
  • Add methods T2Afr() and Afr2T() for converting transmittance to absorptance and vice versa.
  • Add method T2T() for converting between internal and total transmittance when total reflectance is available.
  • Implement math operators and functions for absorptance (Afr).
  • Add convenience functions for setting options for the evaluation of an expression: using_photon(), using_energy(), using_Tfr(), using_Afr(), using_A().
  • Add convenience functions for setting options for math: photon_as_default(), energy_as_default(), Tfr_as_default(), Afr_as_default(), A_as_default().
  • Add convenience functions for setting options for diagnosis: verbose_as_default(), strict_range_as_default().
  • Add convenience functions for setting options for computation: wb_trim_as_default(), use_cached_mult_as_default().
  • Add unset_user_defaults() to clear all private options recognized by this package.
  • Implement new attribute "Afr.type" and methods setAfrType() and getAfrType(). Update copy_attributes() function and check_spct() methods to support this new attribute. (subject to changes)
  • Revise cps2Tfr() and cps2Rfr(): simplify validity tests and fix bug in cps2Rfr().
  • Add method join_mspct() to convert a collection of spectra into a data.frame with multiple columns. This method is mainly intended for use when exporting spectral data.
  • Add spectral data for an Arabidopsis Ler leaf as object_spct, filter_spct, and reflector_spct objects, and two raw_mspct objects with the corresponding raw detector counts from the spectrometer.

Documentation web site at

NOTE: The updated package is available from CRAN. 

Please raise issues concerning bugs or enhancements to this package through Bitbucket at

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