Update: photobiology 0.9.14

The main changes from version 0.9.13 the previous CRAN release, are:

Add methods isValidIntrDesc() and isValidInstrSettings().
Add methods trimIntrDesc() and trimInstrSettings().
Improve handling of metadata atributes when row-binding spectra with rbindspct() so that all metadata can be restored by subset2mspct().
Revise print() methods so that they are compatible with new format of attributes in row-bound spectra.
Fix bugs in print method for summaries of spectra, and make output match that of the print() method for spectra.
Fix bug in tag.mspct() method (bad default waveband resulted in no tagging).
Add example data for spectral reflectance of a leaf as reflector_spct object and for white LED bulb as raw_spct, cps_spct and source_spct objects.
Improve documentation.

Documentation web site at http://docs.r4photobiology.info/photobiology/.

NOTE: The updated package is available through CRAN.

Please raise issues concerning bugs or enhancements to this package through Bitbucket at https://bitbucket.org/aphalo/photobiology/issues


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