Book: Learn R …as you learnt your mother tongue

Book cover

Book cover

Draft of 2017-03-26

My book titled Learn R …as you learnt your mother tongue is nearly complete, but the text is not yet polished.

In the fifth draft version, published through Leanpub, approximately 95% of the book content is included.

The PDF of this updated draft of the book is available at for whatever price you would like to pay for it (including for free). However, paying even as little as 1€ for your copy would go a long way towards supporting the expenses of running this web site.

Status as of 2017-03-26. Except for the chapter on data manipulation, all chapters are close to their final form.

Draft of 2017-04-08

Two updates released to Leanpub on 4 April and 8 April, respectively. Chapter on data manipulation is now complete but text is still is rather rough.

Draft of 2017-04-14

More updates to file at Leanpub. Indexing of functions is mostly done. Polishing of text and code examples has started. A few additional code examples added. R package containing original data used in examples in the book is nearly ready for first release.


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