Book: Learn R …as you learnt your mother tongue

Book cover

Book cover

Draft 004

I have pre-published my notes on R as a future book at Leanpub titled Learn R …as you learnt your mother tongue.

In the fourth draft version, published through Leanpub, approximately 85% of the book contents are included.

The PDF of this updated draft of the book is available at for whatever price you would like to pay for it (including for free).

Status as of 2017-02-09. Wrote section on ggplot2 themes, and on using system and Google fonts in ggpplots with the help of package ‘showtext’. Expanded section on ‘ggplot2’’s annotation , and revised some sections in the “R scripts and Programming” chapter. Started writing the data chapter. Wrote draft on writing and reading text files. Several other smaller edits to text and a few new examples.

Draft [2017-02-15]

Completed first part of data chapter including importing data from files in different formats and on reading files or web pages from the internet.

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