ggspectra 0.1.12 (CRAN release)

The changes from version 0.1.10, the previous CRAN release, are:
Import ggplot2 in whole as only the most basic use of plot() methods would not require user access to ‘ggplot2’.
Add stat_label_peaks() and stat_label_valleys() which are designed to fully take advantage of geom_text_repel() and geom_label_repel() as revised in package ‘ggrepel’ (>= 0.6.3).
Change behaviour of plot() methods so that “illegal” values such as negative spectral irradiances or transmittances are plotted by default, rather than omitted.
Fix several rather minor bugs affecting plot() methods with certain non-default sets of annotations.
Improve documentation and vignettes.

Please, report any problems you encounter, and suggest possible changes or additions to the functionality!

NOTE: This version of the package is available through CRAN.

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