ggspectra 0.1.11 (CRAN pre-release)

The changes from version 0.1.10, the previous CRAN release, are:
Add code to maintain same stacking order under ggplot2 1.1.0, 2.0.0, 2.1.0, 2.1.9000 and 2.1.9001 in the plots generated by plot.object_spct().

ggpmisc 0.2.12 (CRAN pre-release)

Changes from the last CRAN release 0.2.11 are:
Change default value for parameter label.fill in stat_dens2d_labels() from NA to "".
The development version of package ‘ggrepel’ was used to build the documentation so as to show how the two packages can be used together.

Now rebuilt, and with a few small tweaks.


The binaries in this repository will trigger errors if used with ggplot2’s 2.2.0 pre-release available on Github. The errors will be cured if packages ggspectra and ggpmisc are reinstalled from source. In other words the transition to the new version of ggplot2 requires rebuilding the binaries of ‘ggspectra’ and ‘ggpmisc’ after installing the new version of ‘ggplot2’ which has not yet been released through CRAN. This may change before the release of ggplot2.

Please, report any problems you encounter, and suggest possible changes or additions to the functionality!

NOTE: These versions of the packages are available through the r4photobiology repository.

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  1. Pedro Aphalo

    The authors of ggplot2 are working on a solution to the problem. At least, it looks like this type problems will be avoidable in the future.

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