photobiology 0.9.11 (CRAN release)

Changes from the last CRAN release 0.9.9 are:
Argument range.check = NA and range.check = NULL now trigger a message instead of skipping the test altogether. Logical values retain earlier behaviour.
Fix bug in set functions for spectral classes: option "photobiology.strict.range" was not obeyed.
Revise irrad(), e_irrad() and q_irrad() to accept as input scaled or normalized source_spct objects as long as returned quantity is not "total" or "mean", or its synonym "average". If the returned value will be in relative units linear scaling or normalization will not invalidate the result, so earlier restriction was unnecessarily strict.
Fix bug in cps2irrad().
Fix bug in print.generic_spct().

photobiologyLamps 0.4.0 (CRAN pre-release)

Test for first CRAN release. Changes from the last r4photobiology repo release are:
Major update, not backwards compatible.
Data reorganized into collections of spectra grouped by measurement conditions/instrument used. This means that names of all data objects have changed.
Documentation updated.
Vignette converted to Rmarkdown and updated to work with the new objects.
Most spectra have been normalized to one at the peak, as actual spectral irradiance values are irrelevant when distance and geometry are not known.
Rebuild data objects with ‘photobiology’ 0.9.11, after updating scripts.

ggspectra 0.1.9 (CRAN pre-release)

The changes from version 0.1.8, the previous CRAN release, are:
Add support for na.rm to all plot() methods setting default to TRUE, and avoid triggering spurious warnings from internal code.
Make default for parameter 'label.qty' in plot methods dependent on whether data are expressed in absolute units or have been rescaled or normalized.
Move from the ‘User Guide’ the sections on plot() methods creating a new vignette titled ‘Plot Methods’.

ggpmisc 0.2.11 (CRAN pre-release)

Changes from the last CRAN release 0.2.10 are:
Add stat_dens2d_labels(), a statistic that resets label values to NA by default, or any character string supplied as argument, in regions of a panel with high density of observations.
Add stat_den2d_filter(), a statistic that filters-out/filters-in observations in regions of a panel with high density of observations.
These two statistics are useful for labelling or highlighting observations in regions of a panel with low density. Both stats use a compute_panel function.
Add stat_den2d_filter_g(), a statistic that filters-out/filters-in observations in regions of a group with high density of observations. This statistics is useful for highlighting observations. It uses a compute_group function.
They use internally MASS:kde2d to estimate densities and default values for parameters are adjusted dynamically based on the number of observations.

Please, report any problems you encounter, and suggest possible changes or additions to the functionality!

NOTE: These versions of the packages are available through the r4photobiology repo, except for photobiology 0.9.11 which is also in CRAN.