ggspectra 0.1.8 (CRAN release)

The changes from version 0.1.7, the previous CRAN release, are:

Add support for plot.qty = "absorptance" to plot.filter_spct().
Add support for plot.qty to plot.object_spct() with possible values: "all" or NULL (previous behaviour, and current default), "transmittance", "absorbance", "absorptance", and "reflectance". The new options plot only one quantity at a time as a line instead of the default area plot.

Update documentation and build a documentation web site at http://docs.r4photobiology.info/ggspectra/.

photobiologyInOut 0.4.7 (CRAN release)

Changes from the last CRAN release are:

Add functions to convert spectral data between collections of spectra and R matrices and vice-versa:
mspct2mat(), and mat2mspct()

Update documentation and build a documentation web site at http://docs.r4photobiology.info/photobiologyInOut/.

photobiologyPlants 0.4.0 (CRAN release)

First CRAN release. Changes from the last r4photobiology repo release are:

Rebuild data objects with ‘photobiology’ 0.9.9, after updating scripts to create collections of spectra instead of separate objects for related data sets.
Add functions for frequently used photon ratios.
Remove some redundant phytochrome-related functions: Pfr_P_ratio(), Pfr_P_ratio_mono(), and Pfr_P_ratio_R_FR().

Please, report any problems you encounter, and suggest possible changes or additions to the functionality!

NOTE: These versions of the packages are available from CRAN.

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