photobiology (test release)

The main changes from version 0.9.7, the current CRAN release, are:

Fix bug: insert_hinges() would fail for "raw_spct" and "cps_spct" objects.
Fix bug: no leap year for year 2000.
Test, improve and document function sun_angles().
Clean code for handling of "range" argument in trim_wl().

ggspectra (test release)

The main changes from version 0.1.6, the current CRAN release, are:

Revise plot.raw_spct() to handle multiple "counts" columns.
Revise plot.cps_spct() to handle multiple "cps" columns.
Add text.size parameter to all plot() methods. Can be used to control the size of the font used for text decorations related to wavebands, peaks and valleys.
Increase slightly the default font size for plot decorations, and decrease the number of peaks and valleys labelled by the plot() methods.
Fix bug in decoration() affecting plot.objects_spct().
Add stat_wb_label() that in contrast to the other waveband-based statistics in the package requires only the x aesthetic to be set.
Fix existing bug revealed by ‘dplyr’ update.

photobiologyFilters 0.4.2 (minor maintenance update)

No change in functionality.
Rebuild data objects.
Change versions of dependencies.
Fix bug in the script used to build the data objects.

photobiologyLEDs 0.4.1 (backwards incompatible major update)

Store spectral data in collections of spectra.

photobiologyPlants 0.3.4 (minor update)

Rebuild data objects and vignettes with ‘photobiology’ 0.9.7, ‘ggplot2’ 2.1.0 and ‘ggspectra’ > 0.6.

All other packages in the suite were tested with R 3.3.0 and binaries built for this version of R.

Please, report any problems you encounter, and suggest possible changes or additions to the functionality!

NOTE: This version of the package is now available from the repository at this site.

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