photobiology 0.9.8 (CRAN release)

The main changes from version 0.9.7 the previous CRAN release, are:

Test, improve and document function sun_angles().
Clean code for handling of "range" arguments.
Makehandling of "w.band" argument in spectral summary functions such as irrad() more consitent: a numeric range is now a valid argument which is converted on-the-fly into a waveband object.
Add "guard code" to summary functions to detect if the spct object passed as argument contains data for multiple spectra in long form.
Improve how print() handles large collections of spectra.
Fix bug in stepsize.generic_spct() and improve print() output for spct objects containing data for multiple spectra (in long form) and their summaries.
Fix bug: insert_hinges() would fail for "raw_spct" and "cps_spct" objects.
Fix bug: leap year for year 2000.
A few additional minor bugs were squashed, but a long-standing major bug in e_ratio() was discovered after this version made it to CRAN.

Please, report any problems you encounter, and suggest possible changes or additions to the functionality!

NOTE: This version of the package is now available from CRAN.

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