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One additional package is now on CRAN photobiologyInOut

photobiologyInOut 0.4.4 (first CRAN release)

This package includes functions to import data in foreign formats into R objects defined in package ‘photobiology’. The recognized formats include spectrometer and spectrometer software saved files, radiation transfer simulation models’ output files, and R objects of classes defined in package ‘hyperSpect’ and ‘pavo’. There is also support for exporting spectral objects of the classes defined in package ‘photobiology’ to ‘hyperSpec’ objects.

Changes from the previous non-CRAN release are:

Add readr::locale support to all functions that could make use of it.
Add label parameter to all file import functions for setting the "what.measured" attribute.
Add function read_oo_ssdata() for reading SpectraSuite files containing raw counts.
Add function read_libradtran_vesa() for reading libRadtran output file with multiple solar spectrum simulations (as preprocessed by Vesa’s script).
Add metadata as consistently as possible to the objects returned by all the file import functions.
Update dependencies.
Edit the User Guide.
WARNING: from version 0.4.4 the time zone (tz) used for decoding dates and times in files imported is by default "UTC" . In most cases you will need to pass the tz (or a locale definition that includes the tz) used when the file was created as an argument to the functions!

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