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One additional package is now on CRAN photobiologyInOut

photobiologyInOut 0.4.4 (first CRAN release)

This package includes functions to import data in foreign formats into R objects defined in package ‘photobiology’. The recognized formats include spectrometer and spectrometer software saved files, radiation transfer simulation models’ output files, and R objects of classes defined in package ‘hyperSpect’ and ‘pavo’. There is also support for exporting spectral objects of the classes defined in package ‘photobiology’ to ‘hyperSpec’ objects.

Changes from the previous non-CRAN release are:

Add readr::locale support to all functions that could make use of it.
Add label parameter to all file import functions for setting the "what.measured" attribute.
Add function read_oo_ssdata() for reading SpectraSuite files containing raw counts.
Add function read_libradtran_vesa() for reading libRadtran output file with multiple solar spectrum simulations (as preprocessed by Vesa’s script).
Add metadata as consistently as possible to the objects returned by all the file import functions.
Update dependencies.
Edit the User Guide.
WARNING: from version 0.4.4 the time zone (tz) used for decoding dates and times in files imported is by default "UTC" . In most cases you will need to pass the tz (or a locale definition that includes the tz) used when the file was created as an argument to the functions!


ggspectra 0.1.7 (CRAN release)

The main changes from version 0.1.6 the previous CRAN release, are:

Add stat_wb_label(), stat_wb_e_irrad(), stat_wb_q_irrad(), stat_wb_e_sirrad(), and stat_wb_q_irrad().
Revise plot.raw_spct() to handle multiple “counts” columns.
Revise plot.cps_spct() to handle multiple “cps” columns.
Add text.size parameter to all plot() methods. Can be used to control the size of the font used for text decorations related to wavebands, peaks and valleys.
Increase slightly the default font size for plot decorations, and decrease the number of peaks and valleys labelled by the plot() methods.
Fix existing bug revealed by ‘dplyr’ update.
Fix bug in decoration() affecting plot.object_spct().
Fix other minor bugs.

Please, report any problems you encounter, and suggest possible changes or additions to the functionality!

NOTE: This version of the package is now available from CRAN.


ggpmisc 0.2.8 (CRAN release)

The main changes from version 0.2.7 the previous CRAN release, are:

Enhance stat_poly_eq() so that 1) position of labels according to npc (relative positions using normalized coordinates), as well as by named positions "top", "bottom", "right", "left" and "center" is now implemented; 2) when grouping is present, suitable vjust values are computed to automatically position the labels for the different groups without overlap. Default label positions are now relative to the range of each panel’s x and y scales, eliminating in most cases the need to manually tweak label positions for groups.

Add stat_fit_glance() uses package ‘broom’ for maximum flexibility in model function choice when wanting to add labels based on information from a model fit, at the expense of very frequently having to explicitly set aesthetics, and always having to add code to do the formatting of the values to be used in labels. Label positioning is as described above for stat_poly_eq().

Add stat_fit_deviations() for highlighting residuals in plots of fitted models. This statistic currently supports only lm() fits. By default geom "segment" is used to highlight the deviations of the observations from a linear fitted model.

Add stat_fit_residuals() for plotting residuals from a fitted model on their own in plots matching plots of lm fits plotted with stat_smooth() even with grouping or facets. This statistic currently supports only lm() fits. By default geom “point” is used to plot the residual from a fitted model.

Add preliminary version of stat_fit_augment(), which uses package ‘broom’ for maximum flexibility in model function choice, to augment the data with additional columns of values derived from a model fit.

Please, report any problems you encounter, and suggest possible changes or additions to the functionality!

NOTE: This version of the package is now available from CRAN.