ggpmisc 0.2.7 (CRAN release)

Changes from version 0.2.6

Add support for AIC and BIC labels to stat_poly_eq().
Add pretty-printing of parameter values expressed in engineering notation in stat_poly_eq().
Add support for user-supplied x and y coordinates for label positioning to stat_poly_eq().
Add console output to stat_debug_group() and stat_debug_panel().
Add new functions geom_debug() and geom_null().
(At the moment geom_null() is very similar to ggplot2::geom_blank() but may evolve in the future.)

NOTE: This version of the package is now available from CRAN.

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    • Pedro Aphalo

      Thanks for the suggestion. It is not currently possible, I am not convinced that P-values for a model fit as a whole are universally useful and could be rather easily misused. BIC and AIC are available.

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