ggspectra (Added functionality)

Preview of future CRAN version 0.1.7.

Revise plot.raw_spct() to handle multiple "counts" columns.
Revise plot.cps_spct() to handle multiple "cps" columns.
Add text.size parameter to all plot() methods. Can be used to control the size
of the font used for text decorations related to wavebands, peaks and valleys.
Increase slightly the default font size for plot decorations, and decrease the
number of peaks and valleys labeled by the plot() methods.

Please, report any problems you encounter, and suggest possible changes or additions to the functionality!

NOTE: The packages are now available from the R-respository at this site.


ggpmisc 0.2.7 (CRAN release)

Changes from version 0.2.6

Add support for AIC and BIC labels to stat_poly_eq().
Add pretty-printing of parameter values expressed in engineering notation in stat_poly_eq().
Add support for user-supplied x and y coordinates for label positioning to stat_poly_eq().
Add console output to stat_debug_group() and stat_debug_panel().
Add new functions geom_debug() and geom_null().
(At the moment geom_null() is very similar to ggplot2::geom_blank() but may evolve in the future.)

NOTE: This version of the package is now available from CRAN.