Updates (and CRAN previews)

photobiology (Bug fix and performance)

Preview of future CRAN version 0.9.6. Performance was improved without adding C++ code. Bug fix related to creation of objects of class "raw_spct" and changes in methods specializations for classes "raw_spct" and "cps_spct".

ggspectra (Added functionality)

Preview of future CRAN version 0.1.7. The plot()methods for "raw_spct" and "cps_spct" now plot more than one spectral data column when they are present in the object.

rOmniDriver 0.1.10 (Bug fix)

The formal parameter ch.index was missing in two function definitions.

photobiologyOldRatios 0.0.1 (Restores removed functionality)

I decided that before submission to CRAN it was a good time to remove the little used functions for calculating certain ratios from package photobiologyWavebands. They were convenience functions that turned to be in practice of little use. It turns out that some users still need them to be able to run old scripts. THIS PACKAGE WILL NOT BE FURTHER DEVELOPED OR MAINTAINED.

Please, report any problems you encounter, and suggest possible changes or additions to the functionality!

NOTE: The packages are now available from the R-respository at this site.

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