Updates (and CRAN previews)

photobiology (Bug fixes and new functionality)

Preview of future CRAN version 0.9.6.

Add functions cps2irrad(), cps2Tfr() and cps2Rfr().

Fix bugs in both row binding (with rbindspct()) and subscripting of objects of classes "cps_spct" and "raw_spct" related to copying of attributes.

Implement some missing method specializations for objects of classes "cps_spct", "raw_spct" and generic_spct().

Add constructor generic_spct() and use it to generate spectral objects of length equal to zero as returned value in some exceptional cases where earlier NA was returned by rbindspct().

Please, report any problems you encounter, and suggest possible changes or additions to the functionality!

NOTE: The package preview is now available from the R-respository at this site.

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