photobiology 0.9.5 (Bug fix and CRAN compatibility)

Version 0.9.4 was for one day In CRAN, but a serious bug in C++ code was reported by the CRAN team. This was a long-standing bug with a memory over-run that had remained unnoticed under MS-Windows. I fixed this and submitted a new version.

Version 0.9.5 contains no C++ code. Although when I replaced a couple of years ago the R code in two functions with C++ code the improvement in performance was large, now the slowdown with a couple of quickly written functions was not that much. The coming version 0.9.6 will not have C++ code, and after today’s performance tuning I am sure will be as fast in everyday use as version 0.9.4.

photobiologyWavebands 0.4.0 (Removed functionality and CRAN compatibility)

I decided that before submission to CRAN it was a good time to remove the little used functions for calculating certain ratios. They were convenience functions that turned to be in practice of little use.

Please, report any problems you encounter, and suggest possible changes or additions to the functionality!

NOTE: The packages are now available from CRAN.

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