photobiology 0.9.3

Changes from previous released version include new classes raw_spct() and cps_spct and the implementation of operators and methods for them. Improved documentation with more examples in help pages. Additional test cases added and bugs related to boundary conditions fixed so that behaviour is consistent with that of built-in functions of the R-language. Several dependencies on other packages were removed to easy the installation from sources. Several small sets of example data were added to avoid the use of data from other packages in the documentation.

The User Guide gives several examples of the use of the package.

backwards compatible

All other packages in the suite (compatibility updates)

photobiologyAll 0.4.2, photobiologyFilters 0.4.1, photobiologyInOut 0.4.0, photobiologyLamps 0.3.3, photobiologyLEDs0.3.2, photobiologyPlants 0.3.3, photbiologyReflectors 0.3.2, photobiologySensors 0.3.3, photobiologySun 0.3.7, photobiologyWavebands 0.3.4 are the same versions as released for preview but they have been now copied to the main repository.

Because of the update to ggplot2 the vignettes of most packages had to be rebuilt using ggspectra instead ofphotobiologygg. A few interdependencies of the documentation were also removed. In addition the stricter error checking implemented in photobiology 0.9.x detected a bug in a data build script, which was fixed.

NOTE: Sources, and Windows binaries for R 3.2.x, are now available in the R repository.

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