photobiology 0.8.4 (new functionality and minor bug fixes)

Expand sun.spct and sun.daily.spct down to 280 nm with zeros.

Add methods for construction of collections of spectra from data frames with different spectra in side-by-side columns (‘untidy’ or wide data): split2source_mspct(), split2response_mscpt(), split2filter_mspct(), split2reflector_mspct(), and split2cps_mspsct().

Add function subset2mspct() for construction of collections of spectra from data frames with spectral data for different spectra in a single column (‘tidy’ or long data), and spectral objects containing several spectra, such as those returned by function rbindspct().

Add print() method for collections of spectra.

Fix minor bug in trim_spct() which was inserting ‘hinges’ on head and/or tail expansion even if use.hinges was set to FALSE.

Fix bug in rare borderline cases where NA was being returned instead of empty spectral objects (objects with zero rows) as is normal practice in R.

photobiologySun 0.3.4 (new data)

Add a collection of spectra giving a time series of a sunfleck under silver birch trees as object gap.mspct data.

NOTE: Sources, and Windows binaries only for R 3.2.x, are now available in the repository.

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