photobiology 0.6.4

Add support for lubridate::duration:
Parameter "time.unit" in methods and functions related for source_spct and response_spect objects accepts durations.

New function convertTimeUnit() can be used to modify the time.unit attribute, re-expressing the spectral data using the new "time.unit".

Old function setTimeUnit() issues a warning when it is used to override an already set "time.unit" attribute.

Methods irrad(), e_irrad() and q_irrad(), and response(), e_response() and q_response() gain parameter 'time.unit' which can be used to obtain the result expressed on a different time-unit basis.

New methods fluence(), e_fluence() and q_fluence().

Fixed bug in absorptance.filter_spct().

Replaced “.” by “_” in the names of the classes returned by summary() methods for spectra.

photobiologygg 0.3.3

Add support for absolute response units and time.unit handling to plot() method for response_spct.

Add support for time.unit given as lubridate::duration objects to plot() method for source_spct and response_spct.

Improve error handling in add_color_guide.

NOTE: Sources, and Windows binaries for R 3.2.x, are now available in the repository.

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