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photobiologyInOut 0.2.0

Newly released package with functions for importing data from proprietary formats used by spectrometer instruments from LI-COR (LI-1800, .PRN files generated by the PC1800 program), Macam (.DTA files generated by the SR9910-PC spectroradiometer), and Ocean Optics (possibly all spectrometers for SpectraSuite’s output files) into R as source.spct objects.

Function for importing spectral data from files generated by the TUV solar radiation model (Sasha Madronich, version 5.0). This is an experimental function, and needs either a slightly edited output from TUV and Quick TUV, or output from a slightly modified version of the TUV program, which I will soon release.

NOTE: Sources, and Windows binaries for R 3.1.x, are now available in the repository.

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