Major update

All packages in the suite have been updated.
This update includes several changes which are not backwards compatible:

  1. S3 classes and methods, and several other functions have been renamed. Dots have been replaced by underscores.
  2. Rescale() has been renamed to fscale().
  3. All dummy packages which have been maintained for backwards compatibility have been removed: photobiologyCry, photobiologyPhy, photobiologyUV, and photobiologyVIS are no longer available and photobiologyPlants and photobiologyWavebands should be used instead.
  4. The code has been fixed so eliminate most warnings during checking.
  5. A new vignette Upgrade Guide has been added to package photobiology.

Being such a major update all version numbers have been increased in the second digit. Current versions are:
photobiology 0.6.1, and version 0.3.0 for all the remaining packages.

Package photobiologyInOut also was modified in several respects, but still cannot be considered stable. The other packages, will not suffer major changes for the first public release of the suite.

NOTE: Please, do upgrade only at a time when you have enough time to upgrade old scripts and old data objects, and solve possible problems!

NOTE: Sources, and Windows binaries for R 3.1.x, and R 3.2.x are now available in the repository.

At the moment the repository at is responding very slowly, the mirror at is faster.

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