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This time I have updated all packages in the suite, but in many cases, the updates affect only the documentation and vignettes. I will describe below only the most important changes. I am aiming at making the first public release in a few weeks’ time.

photobiology 0.5.7

This is an important update adding new functionality.

Changed function rbindspct() so that it is now possible to add a factor during binding to keep track of which data originated from each of the bound spectra.

rbindspct() now works as expected even if spectra of the same class contain values stored using different types of quantities, e.g. energy or photon based, or transmittance vs. absorbance.

Backwards compatible.

photobiologygg 0.2.5 (depends on photobiology >= 0.5.7)

This is an important update which includes a critical bug fix.

A bug in plot method for response.spct objects that could crash R has been fixed.

Added to all plot() specializations for .spct objects a formal argument range which can be used to limit the range of wavelengths to be plotted.

Added to function add_colour_guide() a new formal argument which is used, if supplied, instead of the automatically generated generated wavebands.

Backwards compatible.

photobiologyPlants 0.0.1

New package created by merging the CRY and PHY related packages, and adding UVR8 functions and data.

Current versions of packages photobiologyCry and photobiologyPhy are just stubs that import the package photobiologyPlants, and should not the used in new code.

photobiologySensors 0.2.0

Added the spectral data generously supplied as files by sglux for their sensors. Rebuilt all data objects and data documentation .r files with photobiology 0.5.7 which is now required.

photobiologyAll 0.2.1

Updated so as to load the new package photobiologyPlants instead of photobiologyCry and photobiologyPhy.

photobiologyFilters 0.2.1, photobiologyLamps 0.2.1, photobiologyLEDs 0.2.1, photobiologySun 0.2.0, photobiologyWavebands 0.2.5

The documentation of these packages and dependencies on other packages have been updated. When needed the spectral data objects have been rebuilt with the current version of package photobiology.

NOTE: Sources, and Windows binaries for R 3.1.x, are now available in the repository.

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