New updates

photobiology 0.5.6

This is an important update.

Added function clear_photobio.cache() and renamed the cache itself to “protect”” it from accidental deletion by making it invisible.
Optimized colour calculations for improved speed and debugged the changes.

Fixed bug that was causing response() not to be exported.

Fixed bug in operations between spectra and wavebands and added also a small safety margin to protect from rounding errors.

A few minor bugs also fixed.

Fixed an important bug causing error in plot(sun.spct * CIE()) (a difficult one to track).

The User Guide was revised.

Backwards compatible.

photobiology 0.5.5 (never announced, but uploaded on 2015-01-11)

Changed the default for the trimming of wavebands to TRUE, and added a global option so that the default can be changed globally by setting the option: e.g. using options(photobiology.waveband.trim = FALSE)

Also added waveband trimming handling to function tag().

Backwards compatible but annotated plots may look different because of the changed default for waveband trimming.

photobiologygg 0.2.3 (depends on photobiology >= 0.5.6)

This is a major update, both to the functionality.

New plot method for waveband objects.

Additional formal argument to plot method for response.spct objects allows choosing the normalization to use at the time of plotting with the corresponding axis labels showing the normalization wavelength, or reference value.

Added a section on plotting waveband objects to the User Guide.

Backwards compatible.

photobiologyWavebands 0.2.4 (depends on photobiology >= 0.5.6)

This a minor update.

Now all contructors of waveband objects for BSWFs, have formal arguments w.low and w.high, with values earlier in use, now set as defaults.

Added some missing references to the documentation.

The vignettes were updated to show the use of the new plot method.

Backwards compatible.

photobiologyWavebands 0.2.3 (never announced, but uploaded on 2015-01-11)

User Guide edited to match current versions of packages photobiology and photobiologygg, as well as changes to package photobiologyWavebands.

NOTE: Sources, and Windows binaries for R 3.1.x, are now available in the repository.

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