New updates

photobiology 0.5.4

This is a minor update.

Fixed bug in function split_bands() and added function is.effective(). As part of the fix split_bands() also gained additional functionality.

Documentation was tidied-up, mainly removing too long lines, and adding some links.

The User Guide was revised to document functions split_bands() and is.effective() which were not described in earlier versions.

Backwards compatible.

photobiologygg 0.2.2 (depends on photobiology >= 0.5.4)

This is a major update, both to the functionality, documentation and User Guide.

Two previously private functions are now exported: add_colour_guide() and annotate_plot() and the plot() specializations for spectral objects have gained new arguments, which allow tailoring of the output produced, hopefully making them more generally useful.

Important changes to the user guide show more clearly what is possible.

Backwards compatible.

photobiologyWavebands 0.2.2

This a minor update.

Added a Micheletti’s (2002) formulation of Caldwell’s GPAS (1971) as GEN.M(). All the GEN.G(), GEN.T(), GEN.M() and PG() have a second formal argument that allows the user to set the high (long) wavelength limit of the wavebands created. The defaults are the same as the values “hard-wired” in previous versions of the package. For these and other waveband constructors I changed the shortest wavelength included from 250 nm to 275 nm, as in most cases extrapolating beyond 275 nm is meaningless because of the lack of actual data. The limit remains at 250 nm for CIE() as this seems to be in common use, and it is not so dangerous as the curve is flat in this region for CIE erythemal.

The function UVI() has been rewritten and now takes a source.spct object as argument, while function UVI_wb() is no longer exported.

Tidied-up the documentation of most functions, and added more details about the formulations and in most cases full references to the original sources.

The vignettes were updated.

Backwards compatible except for UVI().

NOTE: Sources, and Windows binaries for R 3.1.x, are now available in the repository.

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