An interview with Prof. Jorge J. Casal

In the interview Jorge has several insights about his career path and also advice for early stage researchers. I have been Jorge’s friend and collaborator for more than 30 years, and been a witness of how he has followed since he was an undergraduate the path he now gives as advice in the interview. The result has been a successful career doing very original research.

New updates

photobiology 0.5.8

This is a bug fix.

A bug in q2e.response.spct() was triggering warnings and not resulting in the expected deletion of s.e.response when action="replace" was specified.

Backwards compatible.

photobiologySensors 0.2.1

Added spectral data for Skye sensors digitized from brochures and manuals. (Data is only approximate and should be used with extreme care in the UV region.) Package photobiology 0.5.7 is now required as the bug described above affected one of the vignettes.

Backwards compatible.

NOTE: Sources, and Windows binaries for R 3.1.x, are now available in the repository.